Sunday, July 17, 2011

funny parents

Dear diary, 

Just made a call back home to my parents. My sorta-monthly call (much to my mother's chagrin.)

Quick excerpt:

Mom: đừng làm (don't make a) baby, okay?
me: yes, mom.
Mom: (to dad) Here, talk to your baby
Dad: Hello, my lovely son! I love you! I miss you!
Dad: con đang có bao nhiêu con gái nằm cạnh con? (How many girls do you have lying next to you right now?
me: 3 
Dad: (in Vietnamese) 3?? How are you going to have any energy to walk tomorrow?
Dad: (in Vietnamese) Limit yourself to one a week.

Oh, father! If anybody ever wondered where I get it from...


Still need to practice more Vietnamese!


A bit has happened in the month since my last post. But, it's 2 a.m. and I'm lazy and will keep procrastinating on a real update. 

photodump to come!