Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 months worth of blogposts, Part I

Dear diary,

I'm still lagging on the post on the last part of my vacation back in October (!!!). No good reason for it other than I'd rather do, oh, just about anything other than blog. Well, with the ride coming up, I figure it'd just push things back even further. Gone for a month (sort of) + having to blog about the ride itself = I'd probably never get around to the Cat Ba part of my vacation. Heck, I still haven't posted anything about my Cambodia trip last MARCH! That'll probably be saved for a 1 year anniversary post from the date it occurred. 

Well, this'll be part I of a consolidated post of the past 3 months. [Just realized this includes Halloween. Oh, joy!]

Saigon Zombie Crawl meet-up - prepping!

Umm, I'll choose not to make an inappropriate comment.

Scream guy didn't get the memo

Finnish Vietnamese!

Cheering us on instead of running in fear.
Ff there really were a Zombie-pocalypse, SGN would be screwed.

Eye-ball cocktail!

Luke, dem eyes, bruh!

I didn't stay out too late since it was a Friday night and I had to wake up at 7 the following morning. A bunch of students got dressed up that day (30th, really??), so the following are from Sunday (actual Halloween!)

Probably the only student that wasn't afraid.

I miss you Tao!

My littlest kiddos. 

Who has my orange wig? 

Sentence jumble! Rearrange race, one of my favorite activities!
Present continuous in question form. Whatchuknoboutdat?
As soon as my final class ended that night, I rushed over to our fundraiser - All you can drink beer! We were raising money for some ILACN's kids to send them back to their hometowns for Tet. 

E$$J Chola & kitty kat

Seasick witch and vampire with hemophobia. 

(side note: how would that work, by the way? If a vampire had a fear of blood, they wouldn't be able to feed, yet they wouldn't die since they're already dead. Any vampnerds card to explain?)

Down-ass TAs! Thanks for coming out.

Benedict came out as a murdered tramp.

Mummified Briar - I think she won the costume contest!
With all the shoe polish she put on her self, not surprised.

glazed over paul falling in love with me, ofcourse.

what dropped, paul??

Oh, yeah...THE BEAT! get it, son!!

After that, I met up with some other folks getting crazy with some dancing.

A few weeks later, one of my first classes I received ended. Thus, I had a 6-day break until their new course began. It coincided with a beach trip some of my coworkers were having to celebrate one of their birthdays. I tagged along and got to dip my feet into some Vietnamese ocean for the 2nd time while being here.

Picked up a bottle of this good stuff.
Backwards day - WALL STREET OCCUPIED US! hahahah - get it?

"how many balls do you have, phong?" (pic for proof!)

Recovering from a rager from the night before with, what else? Bloody Marys!

the two vietnamese boys trying to catch a quick glance at each other.

I don't know.

I don't understand how I didn't get any pictures of the actual beach in Mui Ne. Ah, well. I didn't get to spend too much time there. It was a nice little getaway from busy Saigon, but I don't think it's my sort of vacation spot. I prefer to spend my holidays being active and exploring. RnR is not quite my style, but getting a chance to hang out with some friends is always refreshing.

Next up, a fly-by visit from Darby! One of the first people I befriended here in VN. Met up with the dude at a St. Patty's Day celebration. A bunch of Guiness and car bombs later and here we are.

mirin' his long locks...

me getting jealous. 

striped gang

stinky stache! oh yeah, and LYNDIZZLE ARRIVES!!

Damn, I still have a buttload of updating to do. Ok, let's crack out the most important event of November before I head to bed!

Falling on the same day as my birthday, two of the dopest girls I've met in Viet Nam were celebrating their last day of work. They would soon set off on their travels and leave me to fend for myself here. Miss Dana & Miss Rhona, thanks for a great time here in the hoch'! Can't wait to kick some major ass with y'all on the ride.

Birthday boy getting treated out to dinner with some lovely company. @ The Elbow Room

~2 hours late to my own party. FIVE san jose natives, wassup?

Trying to persuade the Finn to join our charity ride. Pretty sure our faces scared her away.

Co-party guest of honor!


Thanks, rolls, for our presents! I think I lost mine shortly thereafter, though.
Ivy wanted a lap dance from the birthday boy.

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Would you settle for a 6th grade style dance?

Nope, she REALLY wanted that lap dance.

JAMO for $12!

(ps - girl, dem lashesSss!)

Once the clock hit 12, we had to mooooooooooove! House parties usually don't go that late 'round here. The way the buildings are set up make everything an intricate maze of alleyways. There will be maybe 2 feet of space between the houses, so noise isn't tolerated. Especially here, with the landlords being the next-door neighbors. But, fret not, the night did not end. 

On to the Pham!

Princess Birthday Boy

Jon trying to buy his way into my knickers. Orchids, bruh, not roses!

More than making up for the cute:ugly ratio with my cheese-filled smile.

roles reversed here, however

Joined in on a friend-of-a-friend's themed leaving do. yup, amy winehouse!
All right, that's quite enough for tonight. I reckon two more parts and I'll be almost up to date with the shit that's been going on with me as of late. Thanks for reading, all 3 of you. I know I say it every post, but I'll try to blog more regularly. 

'til next!