Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yeah, check out these pants. I have a feeling these are the pair of pants I'll be sporting the most while here in VN. I was cautioned to always wear pants when going out at night, in the case of a mosquito attack of course. I found these in a box while packing up/moving my stuff a few days before I left. I reckon this pair is about 7 or 8 years old - all the way from my high school days. I like them because you can tie the bottoms at the ankle and can unzip at the knees to let them breathe, so they're good to protect from little crawlies but at the same time they let air in if it gets too hot.

Now, why am I posting about my pants? Cause they hurt me. They aren't necessarily tight on me. In fact, I have about an inch, almost two, of slack when they're pulled up and sit on my hips. The problem is getting them up there. See, these pants don't unbutton, so I have to wiggle them all the way up until they're completely on. And if you haven't noticed, I have a fat ass. Like, it's pretty big. Very juicy and plump. I bet some of you are reading this right now with a tear strolling down your face because you miss it so. I also have some chunky thighs. So you can imagine the difficult time I have pulling these pants up past my legs and ass. It gets to the point where I have to dig my fingers in and pull them up slowly while wiggling, and in the process, I've begun to bruise myself. And it hurts! Bruises all over my ass and thighs! They especially hurt when I go to bed at night because my "mattress" is so stiff and it's like lying on the ground with my bruises getting rolled over whenever I shift positions. 

Yes, this is a pretty pointless post. I think I'm just taking it out on my pants because I'm missing MSTRKRFT right now. I just found out they were playing at a club in District 1 (40+ min ride away). The only way this can be made up is if I get to see Backstreet Boys in a month when they play Saigon, hahah.


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  1. weirdly, i have pants just like these. except mine unbuttons. haha