Saturday, November 5, 2011

Northern VN Vacation: Part II! Hanoi, October 14 & 15, 2011

Dear diary,

Much smaller update this time around. Our 2 day adventure (mostly) walking around Hanoi. Did the whole tourist deal, ate a bunch of yummy foodssSss, and recovered from climbing Mt. Fansipan only to get our beasts on the following days on Cat Ba. 


Anti-drug PSA.

I'm amazed how I got such a clear picture while walking by. Slick.

It was only a matter of time...

He got herded onto the bridge...

And all these lovely people got to take a photo with an authentic white man!

Bún thịt nướng, somewhere in my top 5.


We decided to wait on the hot pot for a bit...

Tofu, squid, I forgot, and Morning Glory with garlic.

Yep, you're seeing that right.

Oh, my! O Mai!

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Exhibit on HIV in VN

Guess what this is and I'll send you something special.


I'm not usually a fan of museums, but I had a wonderful time at this one. The following exhibit on recyclers was really eye-opening. I see these women everyday walking up and down the streets, digging through bins and bags, and don't really give much thought to their stories. 

I didn't take too many photos of the exhibit, but you can get the gist with the following info from the photos. The artist also replicated a room of a boarding house where these women and their family stay. Quite mind-boggling how they manage to fit their lives into a 3x3ft room (often shared with a spouse.) Just really puts into perspective the life of excess and comfort most people like me have grown accustomed to. #firstworldproblems, tinmai.

Hip Hop exhibit documenting one of Hanoi's bboy crew.

They got the right idea.
I was looking to cop a spot as well, but they swooped up all the good benches.

First thing that popped into my mind: Taylor Swift.

Miniature models of different Hmong tribes' houses. 

Albert Le!

Marriage by capture...what?

I snapped quite a few photos of phrases I had never read/heard of before to Google them later.

After all that walking, time to eat! Bánh bèo!! Also in my top 5.

Bánh nậm, my gooooooodness! I hadn't had this in years.
Another reason why Huế food is topsssSss.

Temple of Literature

I came in expecting to see a collection of books or writing or something. Silly me.


Stalkerazzi time!

I've been spotted!

Ummm, wat?

Who sets out all these drums only to forbid drum-beating? Tease.

Nerd meet-up. Only missing Andre Nguyen.

A lot of dressed up gals came through to have their photos taken.

Rhona thought they were quite attractive, so she begged me to snap some secret photos.

Solution to solving litter problem? Being firm, but gentle. Thank you!

Chillin' by the lake, watching the fish, um, float by.

Dessert: fruit, ice, coconut milk, and a shit ton of condensed milk!

No, I was not mocking an ethnic group. Rhona's brilliant Oreo face-race.

Step 1: Twist an Oreo in half.
Step 2: Stick the creamy side to your forehead.
Step 3: Wiggle and contort your face in anyway you want and try to move the Oreo to your mouth.
Step 4: If successful, EAT! WIN! If it falls off, DQ'd!

Losers lick off remaining cream on the winner's face.

According to Mimi Pham, Anthony Bourdain really dug this place.

Phở tái chín (rare steak & brisket). No joke, it was half noodle and half meat.
A bit much for my liking, but it was good. Still prefer the southern version with all the herbs, bean sprouts, and tương (sauce).

Happy Birthday, Sister! It's in the mail.

And that's it for today. Part III, Cat Ba coming soon.


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