Sunday, February 12, 2012

H2H 2012 - Ride Day 1 recap

Dear diary,

My kneeeeeeeeeeesssseesszzzz!!! Unfortunately, I've been injured since pretty much the 2nd day of the ride. I can't pinpoint exactly what has happened, but it sure does hurt. If anybody out there can help diagnose me, holler. 

Well, photodump time!

Day 1

Odometer reading at the start of the ride

All of my lovely donors! :D

Getting ready to ride out

Our first red light!

The first part of the group got a little ahead of the rest of the group, so we got lost for a quick minute. After getting into contact and finding out where to go, we find them trapped in the middle of traffic. So, what happened? Our lead van (donated by DHL, go DHL!) that is transporting all our bags decided to stop right in the middle of the road and wait for the rest of the riders to catch up. Some poor motorbike driver thought he could nudge the van out of the way and lost the battle.

Still not sure what ended up happening, but we ended up waiting around 30 minutes for it to get sorted out.

Group huddle to keep warm while we waited

"My" yellow beast. Lovin dem walls

Quinn "The Thriller" Miller, Corey "with an E" Gibson, The Great Dane, MacaRhona n Cheese Phu, Heineken Mallegrom

Guess the butt

On our way to our first town, we passed by a ridiculous golf course
Halfway done with ride day 1, we decide to grab some lunch. We find a place for lẩu (hotpot) and get our tummies warm. 

the cleanest of all the riders. !!!

The restaurant was freezing. Wide open doors and windows. I took a peek into the kitchen and noticed they had a bunch of fires going (duh.) I asked the bosslady if I could warm myself up in there and she said "Anything you want!" Hollered at some riders and we got to work.

Anna took it one step further and tried to dry her sweater

Our heater

Riding commando in under 50degree weather = a very freezing butt.
Plus, the fire was dying, so I had to throw some gas on it. 

Beef & spareribs & chicken innards, yumm!

dê núi (mountain goat) becomes dê tường (wall goat)

Coxley riding into town

Arrived! Hòa Bình

It was cold, dreary, wet, muddy. 90km (with an extra shortcut of +17km) and away we go. 9 more days of tardy updates for y'all. Be patient!

7:20 right now and time to set out for breakfast before 99.1km today. So close to Huế! We'll be riding by Hamburger Hill and a giant cemetery today. 'Til next time, friends!


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