Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I miss, #1

Dear diary,

I've been neglecting you and for that, I am not sorry. I used to blog way back in the day and I remember why I stopped: I find it so much easier to be lazy instead of summarizing my days and feelings and etc etc....

Haha, but don't worry. I'll get back into it since I definitely do want to share with all you good folks back home. My photos from Cambodia are way over due (I returned over 3 weeks ago!) and they'll be up sometime this week, since my class starts in less than 7 days! I will be busy sitting and learning and taking notes and being studious, so no time to hang out on the internets. 

So, in place of a lengthy post, I will start doing a post of things that I miss from home. I'm coming up on 7 weeks here in Viet Nam now and for the most part, I'd like to believe that I am doing just dandy with giving up a lot of my luxuries back in the states. But, that doesn't mean I can't miss it every now and then. So, thing #1 that I miss right now:

A white lady doing my laundry for me!

Just kidding! (but no, seriously, that would be awesome)... I miss having a DRYER! At my aunt's house, and just about everyone else in this neighborhood, hang-dries their clothes. I mean, it's good and all since we're not wasting resources to dry our clothes since we can do that for free with the good ol' sun, but man, the thing I really miss the most about having a dryer is the way it heats up my boxer briefs! After wearing it and stretching them out, a run in the dryer shrinks that shit and it fits so tight and snug! I don't like stuff hanging loose off me (and you can read into that anyway you want, hahaha).

Yes yes, one of the luxuries I knew I would be giving up when I made my decision to move here. On the other hand though, we do have a washer. Here I was thinking that I'd have to hand wash everything...I was about ready to take only 1 shower a week so I wouldn't have to do that much work. Kidding.

Ok, 'til we meet again, blog!


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