Thursday, April 28, 2011

such a guy post

Dear Diary,

I know I came over here for some quality Tin-time, but man, that doesn't mean I don't want to have any fun!

Cotton face masks to protect them eyes!
I ninja'd these photos like a boss though, haha.
Had to pretend I was talking on my phone and *click*!

It seems a lot of people in Viet Nam think that having these face masks protect them from all the harmful pollution/smog that envelops the big city. I've even seen some people wear the surgical masks that doctors/nurses/dentists/etc use. I don't think I need to tell you how ineffective these are, but I don't think anybody cares. Heck, the mandated "helmets" everyone must wear is even more ridiculous! They're about on standard with bicycle helmets in the States, except the helmets here are coated with slightly thicker plastic! I mean, when you can pay $1.75 for a helmet, something tells me it's not that great quality-wise. And then there are the people that are totally decked out with fashionable-ass helmets. 

But, that's not what the point of this post was about. I'm less worried about the people wearing the face masks to keep them from sucking down pollution than I am about it obstructing my view! If you didn't know already, lots of people in VN prefer "lighter" skin, so they go through great lengths to preserve their creamy, pale skin if they have it. Seriously, some girls are decked out with arm gloves. leg gloves (?), the crazy face/chest/shoulder/neck masks that you see in 3 of the 4 photos up there...

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, how's someone supposed to take in the eye candy when all I can see are a couple of eyes? But then some also wear sunglasses! So where does that leave me? Stuck paying attention to the road in front of me.

I sure do miss seeing some pretty faces...

Anyway, my CELTA course is winding down. I have 1 hour of teaching left (in 9 hours, actually!!!) and then it's just input sessions and activities until I get my certification!~~! I've got an interview set for next Thursday at the school where I'm training. If all goes well, I should be teaching in less than 2 weeks. PLEASE PLEASE. I need to keep busy. Also...

Cali folks!
Shout out to the Nguyen sisters and their friend Tiana for finding a few hours to visit with me while they spent spring break in Viet Nam! Hope you all had a blast :)

Well, I should be lesson planning right now, but I got home not too long ago from a crazy session of dodge ball. I needs my rest. 


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