Thursday, May 12, 2011

A favor, my loves!

Dear diary + all my lovely friends back home, 

It's been over a week and a half since my aunt, uncle, and cousins moved to California. I don't know if there's a screw loose somewhere inside me, but the feelings and emotions didn't really wash over me like I thought it should. Out of the almost 4 dozen people that came to see them off that day, I was the only one with dry eyes. That's not to say I wasn't happy and excited for them, because I was and I am. I probably was just about as "excited" as when I arrived here over 3 months ago as I was that day seeing them off. I think it's just my personality. Of course, when I think about it and try to see it from their perspective, it makes total sense of how they felt that day. I think it hit my cousin Thanh the hardest. There were times where he would just walk off to a corner, slouch over and just break down. I chuckled a bit when I overheard my dad's eldest (living) aunt tell him to stop crying and man up. 

Some more QQ

My cousin has a lot of lady friends. Of all the times we hung out, I never met another dude.


But, I think about it some more and it's pretty crazy. My aunt was in her teens when my dad left for America. I asked her about that moment, over 25 years ago, when she had to say goodbye to him - I asked her if she cried as much then as she did now and she said no. It was different back then. It wasn't really much of a choice for my dad back then; she knew it was something he had to do. But now, now was different, of course. They had been waiting for over 10 years and the time finally came. 

- Things just don't move me like they do most people -

My cousins still haven't called home yet. My aunt and uncle, yes, but my cousins, no. They're afraid. They don't want to break down and cry over the phone. I wonder if they feel guilty.

I asked my dad's older sister why she hasn't visited my family in the states yet. Apparently, she has. They denied her visa a few times. Being as old as she is and having never been married, the government is worried she'd end up over-staying her visa. Not cool, bro. 


I told everybody in November my plans to leave. I had been thinking about it for a few months then. I was hoping my family would have moved by then. I was looking forward to helping my cousins get settled in, introducing them to you all, and figuring out their school situation. My initial plans were actually to leave in December, after doing all that, but things kept getting pushed back. 

Well, 5+ months later, and the time has come. Unfortunately, I can't do for them the things I wanted to. So friends, I was wondering if you could do me some huuuuuuuuuge favors: Take these 2 and show them around! I asked my dad earlier what they have been up to since arriving and he said absolutely nothing. Since my parents are working during the days, my cousins haven't had the opportunity to see the town. I mean, he's taken them to fill out papers and stuff, and I'm sure they've been to church. But, if any of you are up for it, let me know if you can take them out for a bit on the weekends or something. I already asked Tim Tararug, but he turned me down because he's a racist. But I know I some of you love me, so help a bruva out! 

I mean, (re)present is tomorrow, and it's FREE, so that'd be an awesome opportunity to hang out and introduce them to the community. If anybody is down to do me this solid, just holler at me and I'll let you know the dealio. It'd be much appreciated and I'd definitely return the favor when y'all come visit me in VN :D

And um, they're still learning English. Thanh has a decent grasp on the language and Chi hasn't had that much practice, but it's just another opportunity to learn - for you and them! Thanks homies.


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