Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How not to peel a pomelo.

dear diary,

I wish I paid more attention all those times my mama cut/peeled fruit for me to eat. Why is it always the little things you don't think matter much actually do? 

I totally failed in trying to peel a pomelo yesterday. I usually buy them downstairs peeled & packaged neatly at the mart, but as I was driving back from somewhere over the weekend, I passed a huge open-air market and stocked up on some fruit. The result:

No idea why the uploader decided to flip my photo

I was tempted to just slice through everything like an orange and eat it, but I wanted to do it right. As soon as I flubbed on the first slice, I hopped onto the youchoobs and learned the proper way (also the way I learned how to roll a joint. Thanks Wiz!).

Or maybe I just got a defected pomelo? Taste-wise, definitely not. It was quite possibly the tastiest one I've had. Or maybe I'm saying that because of the effort I put into it. Either way, I have a new-found respect for the folks that not only hustle dey pomelo on the side of the streets, but will offer to carve it up for you and put it in a bag/on a tray.

One thing for sure though: by the time I'm done here, I plan to be a pro-carver like my mommy.


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