Wednesday, August 24, 2011

smooth, mr. tin

Dear diary,

I conducted a speaking test the other day. I had a list of prompts for my students and I figured I'd choose the simplest one to start with.

Mr. Tin: Do you have a best friend? Can you describe him/her to me?
Student: No.
Mr. Tin (a little taken aback): No? You don't have a best friend? One friend you feel closer to than others? Really?
Student: She died. Last year.
Mr. Tin: *pause*
Mr. Tin: Oh. Okay. So, you're a teenager, right? What do you think teenagers find fashionable right now?

Way to segue, Mr. Tin. Level 0 damage control.

In other news: the Hoang sisters swung by for a quick visit, I now play (proper) football, and I crashed my motorbike. Yep. 

Thoa, Tin, & Anh

Mr. GQ of the Year.

The tattoo shop had a song on repeat about 17 times before I asked them to change it. I looked through their collection and found this gem.

Uhhhh, what??

From the tattoo shop's book of past clients/tattoos?

Sexy, aye? Exactly what I wanted to see in a tattoo shop - pubes.

Coworker Benedict riding on his brother, Will.

 Yeah, they're twins. And, they're gingers. Twingers, as I like to say, starting right now as I just made that up.

And I went on to score 0 goals that day.

Coworker Ian and I.

The  Hung Vuong Fury! (sponsored by

Since it's a bunch of English blokes, they're die-hards about soccer. SOCCER I SAYS. They play every Friday and I figured I could use as much physical activity as I could get considering all the beer I started drinking in VN. I've yet to score a goal, but when it happens, I'll pull a Chastain for sure.

Then, it was a night of redemption of ILA Center 5! They placed 2nd last year, so being the secret weapon that I am, we tore through this competition. 6 straight wins through the finals. Then we traded Ws/Ls until the 5th and final match and hoisted that beautiful, golden (plastic) trophy!

The Smashing Pumpkins + Mr. Vu the photobomber at the last second.

And uh, I asked a friend to take photos of the event and I guess she forgot. So, nothing from the first 3 teams, but here we are in the finals.

First rush!

Paul chucking away with his cape following his every move. How heroic.

Someone was mad!

Following a scuffle on a rush and a questionable call, our David decided to get all up in that guy's face. Words were exchanged, fingers were pointed, and chests were pushed.

The other two teams from Center 5 cheering us on.

6'3" Paul getting pegged in his lengthy legs (for the eleventeenth time)


Winners of the Best Dressed award.


Smashing Pumpkins!
Trophy, champagne, Stolichnaya vodka, and 1,000,000 to a bar&grill

Poppin' champagne!

And this happened:

Right knee.

Close up of right knee.

Closer-up of right knee.

Close-up of elbow and the juices my body was secreting.

Left knee lookin' fine.

3-toothed(teethed?) vampire bite.

Speeding/rain/pothole/something or other. Fortunate this was all that happened to me. I don't remember seeing what happened, but when I close my eyes, I can re-imagine it. I could hear the thud and feel myself tumbling, getting the wind knocked out of me. Then, the sound of a crowd of people forming around. 

----- Now, if you've ever witnessed any type of accident in the city here, you know what a zoo it could become. A buttload of people stop to see what's the happs and just chill on their bikes on the side of the road. Curious (nosy) people. ----

I throw my arm over my face so no one would be able to see and as soon as I get my breath back, I jump up, rush to my bike, let out a giant "FUCK!" and ride off to my building.

I didn't even bother cleaning up or checking myself. I just know I woke up wondering why I was in pain and then I realized. Trail of blood on my sheets and blanket and shorts. 

But, I got my bandages and ointments and tapes. Nothing broken except a little pride. 6 months in and I get my first life-long souvenir. Everything's just sore now. I can't laugh, sneeze or cough without wincing. Which is unfortunate since my other dodgeball tournament is tonight! 

Silver lining in the story, though: got a phone number last night. But, I'm pretty sure she just wants me to visit her at work and spend money. Oh, girls from the bars, mother warned me all abouts youse.

Ah, well. C'est la vie.


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